We Build Bridges.

Our collaborative approach was borne out of their desire to bring new ideas, processes and better communication to an aging and established industry. Today, the PRIM Construction team has established reputation for leaving no stone (or brick for the matter) unturned to complete the vision.

The PRIM Project Discovery process.

Our experience has shown that asking the right questions is essential in understanding your vision for the project and our ability to deliver on it. More than dotting i’s and crossing t’s, total transparency is paramount to building trust and clear communication is the only way to ensure that.

Services / Terminology

Design Build

Because we’re a full-service firm, PRIM can streamline the process dramatically by offering Design Build or Design-Bid-Build estimates.

Design Management

PRIM Construction will work with the design team of your choice to help manage schedules, budgets and oversee the programming of definition, schematic design, design development and construction documents. We provide total oversight of the following:

  • Architecture

  • Structural Engineering

  • Land Planning

  • Civil Engineer

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Landscape Architecture

Development Cost Estimation

PRIM Construction accesses the latest databases using state-of-the-art tools to provide the most accurate cost estimates in the industry. When you work with us, you will be assured every risk analysis will be explored, every contingency accounted for including:

  • Land acquisition and carrying costs

  • Entitlement Costs/Taxes

  • Design and Engineering

  • Financing Costs

  • Fees and Permits

  • Construction Costs

  • Tenant Improvements

  • Legal and Appraisal Costs

Construction Design Management

As a Construction Development Manager and/or General Contractor, PRIM has the people, tools and expertise to see the project through from development to final completion.

Construction Manager At Risk

Many clients like to choose a construction manager before the design phase is complete. By bringing in PRIM Construction during the design process, we not only can budget your project more accurately, but we can guarantee a maximum cost in advance.


Clients that want to move their project along faster can bypass the competitive bidding process by negotiating a contract directly with PRIM Construction.

Environmental Services

In conjunction with our network of advisors and environmental consultants, PRIM will assess, plan and execute all necessary environmental considerations on your behalf including:

  • Environmental Assessments, Phase I and II

  • Environmental Planning

  • Remediation Planning and Execution

  • Repositioning of Properties


Entitlement Acquisition

PRIM helps guide the project through all necessary design, engineering and legal reviews as well as obtaining the necessary permits and approvals. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the various regulatory agencies needed to move the project forward.

  • Zoning

  • Design Review

  • Redevelopment Approvals

  • Site and Building Permits

  • Occupancy Certificates


Site Feasibility Selection

PRIM Construction is ready to roll up its sleeves from the very beginning by performing these site feasibility studies:

  • Identification of Entitlements/Zoning Potential

  • Development of Site Plan Alternatives

  • Analysis of Relative Development Cost Comparison

  • Recommendations of Site Acquisition Alternatives